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Welcome to ARTLab

This is the portal for many of the Autonomous Remote Technology Projects centered in the Institute of Marine Science at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Here is where you can find schematics and descriptions of our instruments, summaries of our current and past projects, and tools that allow access to real-time data.

Recent Publications

Kohut, J. T., P. Winsor , H. Statscewich , M. J. Oliver , E. Fredj , N. Couto , K. Bernard , and W. Fraser (2018), Variability in summer surface residence time within a West Antarctic Peninsula biological hotspot, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 376: 20170165.

Hauri, C., S. Danielson, A. M. P. McDonnell, R. R. Hopcroft, P. Winsor, P. Shipton, C. Lalande, K. M. Stafford, J. K. Horne, L. W. Cooper, J. M. Grebmeier, A. Mahoney, K. Maisch, M. McCammon, H. Statscewich, A. Sybrandy, and T. Weingartner (2018), From sea ice to seals: a moored marine ecosystem observatory in the Arctic, Ocean Science, 14, 1423-1433,

Eicken, H., A. Mahoney, J. Jones, T. Heinrichs, H. Bader, D. Broderson, H. Statscewich, T. Weingartner, T. Ravens, and M. Ivey (2018), Sustained observations of changing Arctic coastal and marine environments and their potential contribution to Arctic maritime domain awareness: A case study in northern Alaska, ARCTIC Journal, 71, No 5.

Bernard, K.S., M. Cimino, W. Fraser, J. Kohut, M.J. Oliver, D. Patterson-Fraser, O.M.E. Schofield, H.Statscewich, D.K. Steinberg, P. Winsor. Factors that affect the nearshore aggregations of Antarctic krill in a biological hotspot. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 2017; DOI: 10.1016/j.dsr.2017.05.008

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Recent News Coverage

November, 2018: Sara Tewksbury's interview of Hank Statscewich on Fairbanks's Channel 11 (Fairbanks): UAF has automated underwater vehicles called "gliders" for collecting data

August, 2018: Investigator Dr. Peter Winsor has moved to the World Wildlife Fund: Welcome to Peter Winsor, new WWF Arctic Programme director

July, 2018: Northern Sounding's interview of Hank Statscewich on Fairbanks' NPR radio station, KUAC: Autonomous Submersions

October, 2017: A fun little story about the recovery of a sick glider in the Chukchi Sea: Sikuliaq rescues $200,000 glider with makeshift scoop

July, 2017: An Oregon State University press release about krill in Antarctica:
Krill hotspot fuels incredible biodiversity in Antarctic region

September, 2016: Jil Callaghan, a 6th grade science, described the glider at sea in the Chuckchi:
The Underwater Flying Glider

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Dr. Seth Danielson Principal Investigator
Dr. Claudine Hauri Principal Investigator
Hank Statscewich Research Scientist/Student
Elizabeth Dobbins Research Scientist
Brita Irving Research Scientist
Rachel Potter Research Scientist
Dr. Tom Weingartner (ret.) Principal Investigator

ART Lab is located within the Institute of Marine Science at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.



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