ARTlab Technology in the News

November, 2018: Sara Tewksbury's interview of Hank Statscewich on Fairbanks's Channel 11 (Fairbanks): UAF has automated underwater vehicles called "gliders" for collecting data

August, 2018: Investigator Dr. Peter Winsor has moved to the World Wildlife Fund: Welcome to Peter Winsor, new WWF Arctic Programme director

July, 2018: Northern Sounding's interview of Hank Statscewich on Fairbanks' NPR radio station, KUAC: Autonomous Submersions

October, 2017: A fun little story about the recover of a sick glider in the Chukchi Sea: Sikuliaq rescues $200,000 glider with makeshift scoop

July, 2017: An Oregon State University press release about krill in Antarctica:
Krill hotspot fuels incredible biodiversity in Antarctic region

September, 2015: An SFOS news article on development of the RPM-Lite, a smaller version of the RPM:
Wind powered radars make remote data collection possible

Summer, 2015: AOOS's summer newletter features our projects prominently:
AOOS increases observing activities in the Arctic

January, 2015: Alaska Public Media talked to Dr. Winsor about the ARCTREX experiment:
ARCTREX Tests Arctic Oil Spill Tracking Techniques

July, 2014: Environmental Monitor reports on our deployment of drifters in western Greenland:
Drifting sensors detail meltwater around Greenland ice sheet's tricky research conditions

May, 2014: An article on the CONVERGE project in Antarctica, provided by the United States Antarctic Program:
Converging factors: New project to use radar array to determine how ocean currents affect food web

January 2014: CODAR Ocean Sensors Newsletter describes High Frequency Radar in Antarctica:
Antarctica, The Last Frontier Now Conquered: SeaSondes Deployed on Every Continent

September, 2012: CODAR Ocean Sensors Newsletter that summarizes our fieldwork in the Chukchi Sea during the summer of 2012:
University of Alaska Fairbanks Summer 2012 Roundup: "We threw everything at the ocean this year, including the kitchen sink!"

February, 2012: AOOS decribes our use of gliders in the Chukchi Sea, Summer 2011:
Chukchi glider explores Arctic waters

September 2010: CODAR Ocean Sensors Newsletter discussing our HFR deployments in Barrow, Wainwright, and Point Lay in Summer, 2010:
University of Alaska at Fairbanks, Part 1: HF Radar Data Benefitting Alaska Oil Industry & Native Communities

September 2010: Another CODAR Ocean Sensors Newsletter article about UAF's logistical challenges and set-up of the RPM:
University of Alaska at Fairbanks, Part 2: Just Another Day at The Office?? Read this and you'll never complain about your daily commute again!

June, 2010: Peter Winsor talked to Steven Cherry in an IEEE Robotics podcast:
Underwater Robots Track Oil and Ocean Life

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