Current Projects

Glider Measurements of pCO2
With colleagues Claudine Hauri and Andrew McDonnell, we have collected the first autonomous based profiles of oceanic CO2 partial pressure.
Listening to Whales
Colleagues Mark Baumgartner and Dave Fratantoni at WHOI have developed a system to listen to and identify whales using passive acoustic recorders mounted on AUVs. We will equip gliders with their system and deploy them in the Chukchi Sea.
Glider listening to whales
Ice Detection Buoy
This project consists of a moored array designed to detect formation of sea ice through measurement of temperature and salinity at multiple depths in the water column. The deployments occurred in September 2015 and 2017, near the location of the Chukchi Ecosystem Mooring site located at 71.59995 N, 161.5007 W.
Sea Ice Detection Buoy

Other Projects

Antarctica: Physics to Penguins
We are part of a collaborative NSF funded project called CONVERGE, which is designed to investigate the impact of physical processes on Adélie penguin feeding. Our part of the project is to contribute current measurements to the Palmer Station Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) program.
HFR antenna in Antarctica
Arctic Tracer Release Experiment (ARCTREX)
This project explores the evolution of a dye release plume in the Chukchi Sea and attempts to display data in real-time using on-line tools such as NOAA's Environmental Response Management Application (Arctic ERMA)
ERMA Tool Screenshot
Drifters in Greenland
In 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 we deployed ice-strengthened drifters among the icebergs in a fjord in Greenland. This project is a collaboration between our school (the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, UAF), the Geological Institute at UAF (Martin Truffer, Principal Investigator), and the Greenland Climate Research Center
Greenland Drifter
High Frequency Radar Vessel Detection
Echoes from our HFR signals are being used to detect vessels in the Chukchi Sea as part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Maritime Domain Awareness.
Oceanography of the Chukchi Sea
For several years, we have been studying the currents of the Chukchi and Western Beaufort Seas using a range of techniques, including drifters, gliders, HFR measurements of sea surface currents, Acrobat CTD surveys, moorings. There is a web-based data tool that displays data from many of these instruments in real-time.
Chukchi Tool Screenshot
Measuring Nitrate In-situ
"Marine measurement technology development: Integrating in-situ biochemical sampling on an autonomous underwater glider vehicle"
Fish Tracking
A pilot project to test our ability to track a fish's acoustic tag using a hydrophone mounted on one of our gliders
ANT Littoral Glider
We plan to add a scientific payload to the ANT littorial glider - a glider designed to perform in Alaska's extreme stratification and strong currents

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