Current Projects - "Application of High-Frequency Radar to potential hydrocarbon development areas in the northeast Chukchi Sea"


In 2012, we began a new period of intensive field work and developed a single tool to display all the data (gliders, drifters, and HFR) in a Google Maps interface. Here is a summary of the overall project goals.

In the summer of 2011, we deployed our gliders off of Wainwright, Alaska in the Chukchi Sea for a second year of surveys. Gliders were deployed as soon as the seasonal ice pack moved sufficiently far offshore, and ran until early September.

In 2010, two of our gliders surveyed over one thousand kilometers of ocean in the Chukchi Sea, collecting more hydrographic data than all previous studies combined. Gliders were deployed from July 29 until October 10, 2010
  Chukchi Map
A map of the glider tracks collected
during the 2010 field season in the
Chukchi Sea.

2011 Data Tools

The tools developed in 2011 focused on display of glider data:   Map snapshot
And, here are more links to 2011 data:    
HF Radar Data   Drifter Tracklines
Example Radar Data   Example Drifter Data


This project is funded by the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (formerly the Minerals Management Service).