Schematic of the ice detection buoy



Ice Detection Buoy Data Display

Note: This is an obsolete page. The official page is hosted by AOOS.

The ice detection buoy was deployed Sept. 6, 2015 at 7:30 am AKST at 71° 36.328' N, 161° 27.532' W in 44 m of water. Sensors are reporting back in real-time via satellite, and the data are displayed here.

At 11/6/2015 22:00, the signal to release the surface float from the buoy was sent. The surface float and sea-surface temperature sensor are now drifting free, and sensors at depth were disconnected (though the system continues to report their last measured value). Data after this time is good for only SST.



Here is a comparison of measured temperature with the freezing point:

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