Use the checkboxes to choose which deployments to display, or click the deployment name to view the KML:

2015 Glider Deployments:
g191 July 2015 (Whale Glider)

2014 Glider Deployments:
g191 Sep. 2014
g159 Sep. 2014
we04 Sep. 2014 (Whale Glider)

2013 Glider Deployments:
g191 Aug. 2013
g159 Sep. 2013
g167 Sep. 11, 2013 (Whale Glider)
g167 Sep. 17, 2013 (Whale Glider)

2012 Glider Deployments:
g159 Aug. 2012
g167 Aug. 2012

2011 Glider Deployments:
g167 July 2011
g167 Aug. 2011
g191 Aug. 2011

2010 Glider Deployments:
g159 Sep. 2010
g167 Sep. 2010


The glider transmits log files to our server whenever it surfaces, and information from these files has been summarized in KML files and displayed on the map below.

Clicking on the markers reveals data on the glider's daily status, such as its battery level and vacuum.

The red boxes are the Burger and Klondike oil prospects, the foci of our study.

For our 2012 deployment, we relied on the glider piloting expertise of the Rutgers University Coastal Ocean Observation Lab. While we were at sea in the Chukchi, they piloted our gliders from New Jersey. They maintain their own system with links to the real-time glider data: