Other attempts at communicating science and more...

Here you find past and recent efforts to do something a bit different with oceanographic data, collaborations that bridge the worlds of art and science, and collaborations that leave the science completely behind in favor of a banjo, beavers, and moose.

Collaborations with Jamie Smith, cartoonist extrordinaire...

Panel 1Panel 2Panel 3

2016 Arctic Science Summit Week artist-scientist collaboration: "The Big Picture/It's The Little Things" ... shown as individual panels above or the full 3-panel triptych.

Noosance Moosance: no need to lock your door.


Buck Henry, a timeless legend.

Animated oceanographic data set to music...

Going with the flow: satellite-tracked dancing drifters


Bering Shelf current meter moorings: high-frequency tidal and inertial flows


Bering Shelf current meter moorings: low-frequency subtidal flows


Animated oceanographic data, no music...

2014 Chukchi Sea satellite-tracked drifters

2013 Chukchi Sea satellite-tracked drifters

2012 Chukchi Sea satellite-tracked drifters

2011 Chukchi Sea satellite-tracked drifters

2010 Bering Sea drifter going past the Pribilof Islands

2009 Bering Sea Kuskokwim Bay satellite-tracked drifters

2008 Bering Sea Kuskokwim Bay satellite-tracked drifters

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