2013 Plots of Drifter Data from the Chukchi Sea

Description of available plots

  • Map of locations color-coded by measured temperature. A green triangle marks the deployment location, and a red star marks where the deployment ended because of beaching, battery failure, or at-sea retrieval. A black dot marks where the drogue likely came off of drogued drifters.
  • Timeseries of measured and filtered east-west (U) and north-south (V) velocities and sea surface temperature (SST)
  • Deployments during 2013 by the North Slope Borough, Department of Wildlife Management (NSBW) and by UAF as part of our BOEM sponsored project (AK NSL 12-03).
  • Plots are over a standard region. If the drifter leaves this regions or is active for longer, there is a 2nd plot of the full drifter deployment.
  • These data had many gaps during times when the drifter was not communicating with the satellite. Gaps have been filled with lower quality data when available. Remaining gaps >3 hours have been interpolated over, and the timeseries have been highlighted with yellow.
example summary

Deployed by Tom Weingartner, UAF, in 2012 and they overwintered into 2013:

Pacific Gyre SVP Drifters
Drogued at 10 m

UAFSFOS-SVP-0005:    Full Range
UAFSFOS-SVP-0006:    Full Range
UAFSFOS-SVP-0011:    Full Range

Deployed by Peter Winsor, UAF:

Pacific Gyre Microstar Drifters
Drogued at 1 m

SFOS-MS-0027:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0028:    Standard    Full Range
SFOS-MS-0029:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0030:    Standard    Full Range
SFOS-MS-0031:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0032:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0033:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0034:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0035:    Standard    Full Range
SFOS-MS-0036:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0037:    Standard    Full Range
SFOS-MS-0038:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0039:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0040:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0041:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0042:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0043:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0044:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0045:    Standard
SFOS-MS-0046:    Standard

From the North Slope Borough, Department of Wildlife:

Pacific Gyre Microstar Drifters
Drogued at 1 m

NSBW-I-0027:    Standard
NSBW-I-0028:    Standard
NSBW-I-0029:    Standard    Full Range
NSBW-I-0030:    Standard
NSBW-I-0031:    Standard
NSBW-I-0032:    Standard
NSBW-I-0033:    Standard
NSBW-I-0034:    Standard
NSBW-I-0035:    Standard
NSBW-I-0036:    Standard
NSBW-I-0037:    Standard
NSBW-I-0038:    Standard
NSBW-I-0039:    Standard
NSBW-I-0040:    Standard
NSBW-I-0041:    Standard
NSBW-I-0042:    Standard
NSBW-I-0043:    Standard
NSBW-I-0044:    Standard
NSBW-I-0045:    Standard
NSBW-I-0046:    Standard
NSBW-I-0047:    Standard
NSBW-I-0048:    Standard
NSBW-I-0049:    Standard
NSBW-I-0050:    Standard
NSBW-I-0051:    Standard
NSBW-I-0052:    Standard
NSBW-I-0053:    Standard    Full Range
NSBW-I-0054:    Standard    Full Range
NSBW-I-0055:    Standard
NSBW-I-0056:    Standard
NSBW-I-0057:    Standard    Full Range
NSBW-I-0058:    Standard
NSBW-I-0059:    Standard
NSBW-I-0060:    Standard
NSBW-I-0061:    Standard
NSBW-I-0062:    Standard    Full Range
NSBW-I-0063:    Standard
NSBW-I-0064:    Standard    Full Range
NSBW-I-0065:    Standard
NSBW-I-0066:    Standard
NSBW-I-0067:    Standard    Full Range
NSBW-I-0068:    Standard
NSBW-I-0069:    Standard
NSBW-I-0070:    Standard    Full Range
NSBW-I-0071:    Standard    Full Range
NSBW-I-0072:    Standard
NSBW-I-0073:    Standard    Full Range
NSBW-I-0074:    Standard    Full Range
NSBW-I-0075:    Standard    Full Range
NSBW-I-0076:    Standard    Full Range
NSBW-I-0077:    Standard
NSBW-I-0078:    Standard

MetOcean iSPHERE Drifters
Spherical, without a drogue

11165180-2:    Standard
11165190-2:    Standard
11166290-3:    Standard    Full Range
11167180-3:    Standard    Full Range
60667820:    Standard

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