The Birds-Eye View:

Satellite Imagery from NASA's Visible Earth archive. These images provide stunning views of the greater Bering Sea all the way down to Kuskokwim Bay. Click on the thumbnails to see each fullsize image.


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3 January 2004

This figure shows the Southeast Bering Sea in early January. Sediment plumes are observed along the Alaska Panhandle coast and snow/ice/slush is seen in the nearshore waters along the mainland coast. Shadows from the low sun angle delineate topography like volcanoes and mountains.


15 May 2001

This figure shows the Eastern Bering Sea in the spring. Broken pack ice is seen off the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta and in the Gulf of Anadyr. Color variations in the water can be made by cloud shadows, phytoplanton, river sediment, and in very shallow waters even bottom topography can be detected.