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The time period of November through May is an appropriate period for a single model. We have an objective dataset selection scheme that has narrowed down on the following parameters to be used as regression inputs:

  1. GAK1 Salinity, 10m
  2. GAK1 Dynamic Height, 0-250db
  3. Fresh Water Discharge, 4 month mean
  4. Middleton Island Cross-shore winds, 8-month mean

Using these inputs, our model explains 74% of the FWT variance, 75% of the FWC variance and 63% of the BCT variance. We can use this model to construct time series of the FWT, FWC and BCT fields over the course of our input time series. As a coastal monitoring scheme, this is pretty exciting because going out to make a CTD cast at station GAK1 is a whole lot less expensive than trying to occupy the Cape Fairfield Line once a month.

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