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The Alaska Coastal Current (ACC) is a quasi-continuous flow that extends from approximately southern British Columbia, around the Gulf of Alaska to Unimak Pass where it is an important communication link of the Gulf of Alaska to the Bering Sea. It is a swift flow and is generally confined to within about 30 km of the coast. We sample right across it with the Cape Fairfield Hydrographic Line - a high-resolution line that runs from north to south, 30 km east of Resurrection Bay. At the mouth of Resurrection Bay we have hydrographic station GAK1, which is the site of one of the longest oceanic time series of the North Pacific, extending back to 1970 with nominally monthly sampling. Middleton Island has had weather observations made by the FAA since the mid 1940's. Middleton Island is ideally situated for oceanic wind estimates because it is out near the shelf break, away from the orographic effects of the mountainous coast.

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