The Big Picture:

Current large-scale views of the Bering Sea from models and observations.

Sea Surface Temperature:

Estimated from the NOAA/NESDIS operational analysis model (degrees Celsius). Colors range from pink (cold) to red (warm). This image is updated daily.

Sea Level Pressure:

00Z surface chart for pressure fields. Winds generally blow parallel to the lines of constant pressure, and faster where the lines are closely spaced. Mekoryuk station is labelled PAMY here. This image is updated daily, provided by the National Weather Service.

Wind Speed and Direction:

These two images are taken from the QuikSCAT Sattellite sea winds scatterometer which estimates wind strength at 10m over the ocean. Accuracy is to within approximately 5 knots in magnitude and 20 degrees in direction. Only data retrieved within the last 22 hours is displayed. Arrow direction indicates the wind direction. The arrow tails and colors both indicate the wind speeds. Data is obtain over ocean areas only. These images are updated as new data is available, provided by NOAA/NESDIS.

Sea Ice Analysis:

Estimated by the National Weather Service Ice Desk in Anchorage. This image is updated a few times per week.

Ice Map Movie:

Animation of daily images from the last month of ice cover change. Image updated daily, provided by NOAA/NESDIS.

Infrared Sattellite view:

Thermal image of the Bering Sea and the clouds above it, from space. White colors are cold, while black colors are warm. All radiating bodies are shown here, so care must be taken to determine if you are looking at clouds, ice, water, or land. The outline of Alaska and Siberia should help orient you. This image is updated as new satellite passes are made, image provided by NOAA/NESDIS.