Russ Hopcroft

Russ Hopcroft oversees the current sampling program and has acted a Chief Scientist on all but one NPRB-funded cruise. During days his team collects the fine-meshed zooplankton samples and conducts experimental work on zooplankton growth and reproduction rates.


Ken Coyle Ken Coyle has yet to miss a Seward Line cruise in the past 16 years. He supervises the night shift and collects the larger zooplankton and micronekton using the obliquely towed multinet system



Tom Weingartener

Tom Weingartner is responsible for measuring the Physical Oceanography during cruises. He acted as Chief Scientist on numerous cruises during the NSF-funded GLOBEC cruises, although his technicians now conduct most CTD operations.


Jeremy Mathis

Jeremy Mathis's team is responsible for carbonate (a.k.a. Ocean Acidification) and nutrient chemistry during the cruises. While nutrients have been measured since the program began, Ocean Acidification studies commenced in 2008.