The Seward Line observations began with US GLOBEC program,
jointly funded by the National Science Foundation and
the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
from 1998-2004 through a series of grant to several investigators. During this period there were 6 or 7 cruises per year, and many more investigators working on projects building on the core ecosystem observations.




From 2005-2010 funding was received annually from the North Pacific Research Board for 2 cruises per year under projects 520, 603, 708, 804 & 1002. The scope of activities was reduced to core measurements compared to the prior GLOBEC period. Beginning in 2010, a consortium of NPRB, NOAA & AOOS supported the observation program. EVOS (through Gulf Watch Alaska) joined the consortium in 2011 with visions of a 20-year program. The Seward Line was an embedded element of NPRB's Gulf of Alaska program from 2011-2013.