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Themisto pacifica Themisto libellula Primno macropa
Cyphocaris challengeri Lanceola clausi  

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Amphipod means "duel footed", referring to fact that the forward legs differ in form from the rear legs. The group consists of 2 major subgroups, the Gammariids which are most common in association with sea-ice and the sea-bottom, and the Hyperiids that are generally commensals on other organisms. These “trends” are not so obvious in the arctic, with 2 free-living hyperiid species most common, and 2 midwater gammariids often present. The hyperiids are generally present year round in low numbers, and thought to be important items in the diets of fish.

The group ranges from carnivorous to omnivorous in feeding preferences, sometimes acting as scavengers on dead or detrital material. Japanese scientists had documented many apsects of the dominat susb-arctic species. They are thought to have mutiple a single-year life cycle in the Gulf of Alaska.

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