Current Projects - ANT Littoral


In addition to the Teledyne Webb Gliders, we are going to participate in a number of studies to use a glider developed in Alaska and designed for Alaskan conditions. This new glider has been developed by ANT, LLC, and it is called the ANT littoral glider. It is much bigger than the Webb gliders but with the larger size, we expect to see an increase in performance in its ability to "swim" against strong currents, to adapt to large changes in ocean stratification, and to extend mission longevity. The ANT Littoral glider has been run for the Navy to detect mines, aid in obstacle avoidance, and acoustically profile the ocean. We hope to add a scientific payload to the ANT glider and test its usefullness in a variety of ocean conditions typical of Alaska. ANT
Photo of the ANT glider prior to deployment.