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Joel and Jason

Objectives and Methods

Primary sampling will consist of monthly CTD casts year round with intensity increasing during summer months. The primary sampling location within Sitka Sound is located only 50km from the shelf break providing excellent connection to the Alaska Coastal Current and the Gulf of Alaska.



Community Overview

Sitka is a quaint artsy fishing and tourism community in southeast Alaska. Sitka is the fourth largest city in Alaska and is located in the middle of the Southeast panhandle on the west side of Baranof Island. Sitka (derived from the Tlingit Sheet’ká, meaning "People on the Outside of Baranof Island"), was originally settled by the Tlingit people over 10,000 years ago. It has a population of roughly 8800 people and is the largest city-borough in the United States. Sitka was the site of the transfer ceremony where the United States took position of Alaska from Russia in 1867.

Sitka has a mixture of an oceanic and temperate rainforest climate with generally cool temperatures and plentiful precipitation. Average monthly temperatures range from 36 to 57 °F and average annual precipitation is around 130 inches with snowfall averaging 33 inches per year. The winters are fairly mild when compared to other inland regions at the same latitude due to the moderating effects of the coastal proximity.

Joel and Jason

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